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Need a bit of advice on lightning



Strain - 2 Skunk Haze (Regular) 1 Super Lemon Haze (Feminized) meant for outdoors
# of Plants - 3
Grow Type - Soil
Grow Stage - Seedling
Bucket Size - Jiffy Pott
Lights - Plan for outdoors
Nutrients - Not sure
Medium - Not sure
PPM - Not sure
PH - Not sure
RH - Not sure
Room Temperature -75
Solution Temperature -Not sure
Room Square Footage - Under a bed so far
Pests - None Known

Problem: I have tried the soak in water method and the seeds show signs of germinating around 20 hours or less, I planted the Super Lemon Haze directly into Miracle Grow Seed Starting Mix (soil) in a Jiffy Pot without soaking left it under bed and its been roughly 72 hours dug it up a bit to make sure it was growing and the root is looking good on that one. The skunk seed that I soaked I put in a paper towel after it showed sign of the roots wanting to come out and left under bed and its root is nowheres near as long as the one in the pot although it is cracked open and I see white stuff I have just planted it in the soil. I have nowheres to keep them warm as my refrigerator is cold on top and my TV is flat, would it be alright to just let the seedlings in the pots sit in a windowsill until they emerge from the soil? I have 3 more super lemon haze 1 rq critical (feminized) and 1 rq OG Kush (meant for outdoors 8 weeks) still to germinate please could someone steer me in the right way with the light situation any advice would be greatly appreciated preferably on what to do when they germinate as I feel they are too cold (I live on the east coast in nc so under the bed is warm I am just scared they are too cold and I have no idea what to really do with them once they emerge I read too many different opinions I was planning to just put them outside directly and change the soil after like 5-10 days).


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1) I avoid miracle grow or any slow release nutes for that matter
2) I germinate in a dark, moist, and warm environment and usually have good tap root within 48 hours
3) I transfer to soil and keep in dark for first 24 hours or until I see seedling break through
4) Keep under low intensity lighting for at least the first week on 18/6 or GLR schedule
5) I then increase the lumens by putting under MH or HO Florescent
6) When ready to flower I throw under HPS or LED

That's just me, but it's worked well so far
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