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Need a sub device on hand


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So tomorrow I take my first urine test for a new job. I really have no worries as I have been clean since I was laid off back in March. 5+ months clean. No reason why I wouldn't pass. Anyways, this is just a pre employment and after I pass I would REALLY like to go back smoking lol. So heres the kicker, I am on a contract to hire, so could be tested after 5 months when switching, I will be POSSIBLY, but more than likely given another pre employment when I switch over to the other place. Anyways, I have a buddy who is clean that works a few buildings away from me that will piss for me no problem. I need a device that is reliable and if needed, can be hooked up and used that day with some clean pee. The urinator seems legit, but its only 2fl oz...seems like most tests need 3 now. I guess I will find out tomorrow when I take my test.


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Its easiest to just make up your own bottle and store it in your crotch. A 3 ounce travel shampoo bottle or such. Wash thoroughly first. Then pickup a temp strip from your local pharmacy to put on the side to monitor the temp. Then just a heat pack in case you need to heat it up quickly. People should always remember you have 3 hours to accomplish a drug test before they will make you come back the next day. So if the urine needs to be heated just take your time. Besides, you get paid by the hour while taking drug tests.lol
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