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Need advice! 6 weeks 1 day in flower extreme yellowing

Sir Budlovski

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Hey there every body
as the title suggests i need some help i have a small plant i had lst'd and been using cfls on it is in soil and at 6 weeks 1 day flowering (day 43)
i have had some trouble hitting its spot with nutrients and gave it what is going to probably be its last nutes the other night.
i have looked under a mag glass that was very small but i could see clear, cloudy trichomes and im not sure yet but some may have been amber.
i need advice and help because the leaves have yellowed so far the bud fan leaves are yellowing, so im wondering how that will affect the buds and rest of flower?
should i be thinking about harvesting early?
should i just keep an eye on it the next few days?

one thing im not quiet sure about but any knowledge, insight, advice is very welcome and much appreciated.

heres some pics

and the bud pics:


Sir Budlovski

Well-Known Member
hey Rico!

cheers for the reply :thumb:

well i will definately feed again, Yeah i was wondering about that so i might give it ago now, will see how she reacts

i have also got some fish emulsion,8.50% nitrogen as urea and 9% total N, 2% P and 6% K do you think that would work at all? oh but it also says it contains 0.04ppm mercury(hg) with no other heavy metals, would that make it no good?

Richard Richardson

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I think everything that comes from the sea contains mercury these days :17:

The fish emulsion will give her a good N boost, but honestly, your pee would be better.

Do you have anything higher in Phosphorus?

Sir Budlovski

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ah true thats probably right, thught tuna had it aswell. damn poison everywhere .
Well went and hhad abit of a toke then got to it and gave a nice bit of pee, i reckon it might be exactly what it needed.

As for the phosphorus, before i read up on phosphorus i bought some fertilizers thinking mllasses had phosporus turns out its actually potassium haha and everything i have seen around in shops all seem to have hardly any phosphorus and different mixes of nitrogen and pottassium pretty much all around 2% P. next ti e i think im going to look for nutes over internet,

Do you anything high in phosphorus thats easy to get i could give her?


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Sir Budlovski

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Hello everyone hope you all had a good christmas :xmas:

Cheers Gadfly, seems like people seem to love the old Bat shit so im going to get some for my next lot since phosphurus fertilizer is so hard to find around here for some reson.
Hey josh yeah i knew it was apart of the cycle it just started way to early and rapidly, i will probably flush her soon just because she so close to harvest.

After i feed her my pee she got better but was still abit deficent so i fed a lil extra fish emulsion and now she has settled nicely, which is handy considering its 7 weeks flowering now.
i mix in my soil dried out egg shell(i grind them to a powder), dried out banana peels (grind them too), dolomite lime, USED coffee grounds plus shop bought compost and mix all that, and never have Calcium problems(eggs)(lime), no potash problem(banana), no Magnesuim problem(lime), No Nitrogen problem(Coffee), and compost helps with trace minerals.

All my soil has this and i hardly have to feed or fertilize, and if i do i only use 25% strenght organic like bone, blood meal depending if am on Vege or flowering. or u can just add bone and blood into the soil mix.... and not worry about feeding and just watch it grow and water it with 6-6.5 pH water.
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