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Need advice about drying bud


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Hi everybody!

So I'll start off by saying I'm about to cut down and harvest my first grow ever in a couple days and I'm not quite sure the best method for drying the buds.

I know you're supposed to hang them upside down in complete darkness but I've been reading a lot of different ways people go about drying. I'm told that you want to hang them in a 60degree/60% humidity environment for about 2 weeks. My issue is that I'm not going to be able to get temps down that low without introducing some type of AC and I can't afford to run AC for 2 weeks straight haha.

Any advice/tips/suggestions? How do you guys do it?



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I think humidity is more important than temperature. You want the air to be dry enough so the freshly harvested buds can dry without fungus getting started. That's probably not too much of an problem unless you live someplace swampy, in which case you'll want some A/C.

Do you know about jarring, burping, putting a hygrometer in your jars, Boveda packs? If not, read up! The curing stage is important and there's more to it than you might guess (or at least there's more to it than I guessed..."Wut, you mean you don't just dry it??" :p )

(BTW, I think the business about drying your buds in total darkness is total BS.)


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18°C - 23°C and 55% RH is optimal, but not crucial. Usually dry in 5-10 days

Best not to dry it too fast then the smoke will be harsh and take longer curing.

When the tiny stems inside the buds snap rather than bend it's time to jar them, keep burping jars for 2-4 weeks, then add humidipacks 62%(sooner if it's too dry)

Total darkness is BS, plants for traditional hash making in Marocco are dried on roof tops, but when the product is dry prolonged direct sunlight can affect the potency.
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