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Need advice, digging plants up to move indoors.

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I posted this earlier on the High Altitude Master Kush thread but I could really use some advice.
I moved 3 plants indoors due to the cold and have already lost 2. We dropped to 28 degrees 2 nights ago and even with covering I think I'm pushing my luck based on what I'm seeing in the mornings, however my plants still look healthy in the afternoons. I think I'm down to my last few days in needing to move these. I have 1 that seems to be making it so far indoors which is positioned in a spot that gets less direct sunlight and may be a littler cooler then the rest of the room. Of the 2 that I think I've lost I believe it was likely caused by heat or too much direct sun during the day. I still have 2 really nice plants in the ground and I currently plant to bring one more inside tonight while going to extra lengths to build a mini green house cage around the last plant. I think I'll try opening windows during the day and limiting the amount of direct sun on the plants which can be brutal at 9200'. I have past experience in growing outdoors but none at all in growing indoors. Any advice before I kill everything I've worked very hard for would be greatly appreciated.


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If they do fine, don't move them. If necessary use horticultural fleece. If there's no other way, take them early.
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They won't finish until Mid to late Nov. so keeping them out until that point won't work.
I may keep trying the one outside with the coverings at night but even then I wouldn't be able to get more then a few more weeks before we get below 20 at night. I couldn't find any frost cloth at retail so I'm using a blanket over the cage followed by plastic on top. I have no idea how far I can push it while covered but it doesn't seem to help that much. If I take them now it's almost all leaf, they're in the pre flowering stage. We don't hit 12/12 here until sept. 24th. It seems like the only chance I have is to take them inside. So far the one that isn't getting as much direct light is doing fine, the other 2 look unlikely to make it. I trimmed a lot of dead leafs off yesterday and they're drooping.
I pulled one of my last 2 late last night and was much more careful with it then the others. I didn't lose an branches by using a snap together tomate cage around it. I'll report back as to how this one looks tonight.
Thanks for responding.
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Just to report how the move has gone so far.
I moved a 4th plant in on Sunday the 14th and was much more careful with the move. I bought snap together 5' tomato cages to help support the plant and branches after I positioned it on the pot. So far this plant is doing very well and I think it likely will since the other 2 showed signs of drooping and drying out within a day. Of those 2 I did lose my best plant and harvested what I could from it but nothing I would call real buds. The other plant lost several branches but after prooning these off and taking off all the dead leafs it seems to have perked up to the point that I thing it may make it. This gives me 3 plants inside and one larger plant outside. We've had a warm front move in for what looks like to be a couple of weeks with 76/44 forecasted for tomorrow which is the warmest day we've had for a month. With the frame built around the outdoor plant and covering with both cloth and plastic at night it seems to be looking better in the mornings. I've decided to wait until we start getting into the high 20's at night before moving it in and will push it as far as possible. Even if I screw up on this one I'll still have the other 3. I still may only get another week or 2 outside but I want to try. I think being a little rushed and too rough with the first 3 I brought in combined with the extreme temp adjustment created the problems with the 2 struggling plants. Keeping the windows open during the day seems to make a big difference. What I've done is to convert an RV into a short term green house. I never thought heat would be an issue but with windows on every side and skylights that were all closed I think it was, the sun gets very intense during the day at this altitude.
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Thanks for the suggestion, these look like they would work. I don't know what the material is like but it looks like heavy frost cloth that I've seen used in garden centers. However, I dug up my last plant on Monday of this week. We have snow and low's in the mid 20's in the forecast for early next week anyway and I was getting a security concern with a stoner neigbhor that I don't trust having seen me going into the location in the evening. I did learn a lot in dealing with this. Care and handleing are critical as well as supporting the branches while in the pot before trying to move the plant around. Covering helps but much more so with a frame support and air gap. It didn't seem to help much when the cloth touches the plant. As of now I have 3 large plants doing very well in my indoor setup and 1 that can't decide if it wants to live or die. I'm getting some nice small buds on all of these that I hope will develop to over then next 8 weeks or so. I'm still learning as to how much water to give while in pots. Biggest thing I've learned is that autos are my only choice if I'm going to try this next year. I think I'm going to get some Northern Lights auto seeds. I'll try to get some pictures up in my original master kush thread soon.