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Need Advice! Moldy/musty Smell in Flower Room


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Hi there!

I'm currently 3 1/2 weeks into flower on my first coco grow. Things are looking beautiful, but as of yesterday, we've noticed a musty/moldy smell in the main flower room. This is VERY worrying. I do not see any signs of mold on the plants, and they're flourishing, but there is definitely a funky smell going on. It reminds me of the mildew smell if you leave your wet clothes in the washer too long.

The plants and the room are otherwise pest free, aside from a few gnats, which are known to love coco. The floor is clean and uncluttered. We bleached the whole room and table before kicking off this session.

The only thing different from our other runs is the coco medium, and we purchased a MyCO2 bag, that is comprised of blue oyster mushrooms that supposedly produce CO2 for up to 6 months. This bag is my leading suspicion.

Any advice would be much appreciated! The girls are really taking off, and I'm terrified of having a mold issue starting. Thanks! :)
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How is the humidity in the room?

Good. Hasn't gotten above 55% on a humid day in the NW. I've scoped the buds that are suspect (low light, early orange hairs) and no sign of mold or fungus.
The musty smell has gotten a little better in the last week, and it mainly smells like a flowering room. Stinky. I watered with chlorinated water for a few feeds, and it seemed to have made a difference, and the girls look amazing. Back to dechlor and Botanicare nutes. I also flush every weekend, so there shouldn't be any build-up in the roots.

I'll continue to scope them daily til harvest. We're 5 1/2 weeks into flower right now, and again, things couldn't look better. I've seen a few fungus gnats, but only a couple, and nothing else. All buds seem mold-free and covered in trichs. Still scratching my head about the musty smell. Even though it's good stinky out there, I still smell mold.





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did Ya ever figure out what was the smell was from ????
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