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Need advice on 400w light


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i grow with a 400 in a 4 by 6 room growing 11 this time do to lic. added two t5 sunblasters do to no. of plants if i buy again it would be 250 400 600 w they are another 100 bucks but would do every thing from clones / seeds to flower gives you the option to increase your light as you go the only reason i didnt this time is in Canada things are going to change and it doesnt sound good for people who grow their own . old boys clubshttp://www.420magazine.com/forums/images/smilies/welcome.gif

Fuzzy Duck

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I would lean towards a 600w bulb for a tent that size !

Air cooled reflectors is one way of reducing heat depending on how you rig it of which of they is one or two ways.

But you still need air excahnge in the growing enviroment to support plant growth & this being another ventilation factor to considor !
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