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Need advice on a fan and filter


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Hi. I'm getting ready to start my first indoor/stealth grow. In fact, my seeds should be getting here tomorrow.

I plan on putting my small stealth cabinet together this weekend. I'll be using CFL lights. I've bought almost everything I'll need. The inside dimensions of the cabinet are 27" tall, 30" wide, and 18" deep. I'm planning on drilling four 1.5" holes at the back of the cabinet towards the bottom for passive intake. (Will this work?)

The one thing I haven't yet purchased is probably the most important thing: a fan and filter. Since super-stealth is my goal, the quieter the better, and it should be able to take care of odors for up to three plants.

Can any of you point me in the right direction for a fan and filter that will work with a small grow like mine?

Thanks in advance


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Passive intake works perfectly. It also creates negative pressure inside the cabinet, so all air goes out the exhaust, and cooler outside air is drawn in, which helps prevent leaks of the lovely smell later on.

If you do a quick search for DIY carbon scrubber you'll find a handful of different results, and different designs like this one:

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