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Need advice on venting closet grow!

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Howdy to all my new Phriends on this Phorum! This is my first post so I'm still figuring out how the site/forum functions. I am attempting a stealth grow in a closet. I will be using a 400w HPS without the cooling ports on either end. Essentially it is a reflective hood with the bulb. Since there are no ports on the hood, I guess I am going to attempt to vent the hot air out through the cieling of the closet, and bring in the phresh air somewhere around the same height of the light. Was planning out using a couple of inline fans with the adequate cfm's. I've got the layout in my head, but could really use some experienced input on whether or not this will be sufficient with what I am attempting. Should I go this route or should I just go ahead and get a ported hood?
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I would bring the fresh air in near the bottom so it will circulate up through the canopy first. How big is the closet?
Closet is about 2.5x5 w/ 8ft ceiling. Bringing fresh air up through the canopy sounds ideal, it's just that the layout of where my closet is located is going to make accomplishing that difficult. I had another brainstorm where I could install a port on my hood where I could push in fresh air from another room...but there is no protective glass under the hood. Therefore intake would be coming into closet via flex ducting & inline duct fan, connected to hood...then exhaust through ceiling via flex ducting & inline fan and possibly filter in attic. I just don't know if that sounds ludicrous or worth a shot.
Can you run the ducting to release the air through the bottom of the closet. Will it be cold air? you need to have air traveling throughout the closet by coming from the bottom and exhaust your hot air through the top you're be able to work with your situation. Can you connect the exhaust to an existing system like the bathroom exhaust fan?