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Need advice, possible hermit?


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Hey guys so this is my first grow. I have been around plenty of greenhouses but this is my first time. I am wondering if my buds are possible hermies. They are 5 weeks into flower but I consider them 4 weeks because I don't count the first week they flip from veg. I have been told from a friend that they all have the pollen sacks even on females. They also all have very small seeds in there, not hard but they are there because it is the plants natural instinct to reproduce. So that is why it is so important to prevent light leaks and temperature drops. Here is my set up 6 1000watt hoods. I have a CO2 burner going. With the lights on I am any where between 85.5 to 88.5. When the lights are off I am right around 68.5 degrees no less. I am wondering if they are going through this shitty change if they are because my friend told me what to look for to find hermies and that is the "banana". Although I am new to my first grow I can't tell if I can see it or not. Reason I think this is happening is because I cut a tiny bud off, and I can see sacks with what looks to be like little tiny tiny seeds, but they are not hard at all. I don't know if this is part of the flowering process or if they are changing and I am going to have a shit load of seeds on my hands. I am going to post pictures of 3 different strains. Green Cush, Trainwreck, and Flo. Any and all advice would be perfect.
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If they look like this then they are male.


Males are no good in a budding room... Unless you want the seeds.

These are buds.

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