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Need advise about MM in Ontario, Canada


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I've never applied or even considered applying till now...thought I should ask a few things first would love an answer or two from somebody

I'm 23yo, and I have severe depression and social anxiety...I haven't had a friend for about 7 years now and I am miserable

I smoked marijuana for a while (about 3 months) and everything was so much better, I started exercising (lost 20 pounds) going out trying to meet people...but then I had to stop due to family reasons... and I'm right back where I was before...never go out ballooned up to 240 pounds again etc I'm starting to think this is the only thing for me

there's history of depression in my family (my mother had/had severe depression..my sister was psychotic) and I've seen what prescription meds did to them so I refuse to do that...I'd rather live miserable than go through that myself

any idea if this is a good reason to get a card in Ontario? I'd rather not contact one of these skype doctors pay up $300 for them to tell me no...money isn't exactly easy to come by for someone in my position

any ways, would love an answer thanks guys


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same here im looking for any kind of help as to finding a way to apply for medical cannabis
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