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Im looking to build a growbox to be kept in my room, this is my first grow and Im not sure how to go about it all. My first thoughts would be maybe something like

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or maybe

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with the shelves removed. Since this is my first grow I want to have a couple of successful plants before I really spend some money on seeds so for now Im just using seeds I pick out of sacks of reggie and mid. So far all I have is 1x 120w Philips Agro-Lite "For the Acceleration of indoor plant growth" not sure if it was what I really needed but I got it for a good price. Looking to grow at least 6 plants so if someone could tell me what would be a nice size for my growbox id appreciate it. I already have an idea but if someone could list out everything I would need to create a good growbox id appreciate it very much. Im gonna get a grow journal started once I finally get it together, but for now Im just getting supplies.
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I'm sort of a newb at growing... but I the storage chest might only work for you in the begining of the growth cycle. It would have to be a huge (like walk-in size) storage chest to grow all the way to product,because if I'm not mistaken, you should allow atleast a 12x12 area per plant. Plus the 5gallon buckets you end up transplanting to would space them out about that far anyway.:bong: And in addition to your current light, i'd get some natural light CFL's (As high wattage as you can find, in stores the best I can find is 150w) Or you can get more of the light that you currently have, but CFLs might be more cost effective


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There are tons of great grow closets/cabinets available commercially, but you can build one for much less. You'll need the cabinet, lights - CFL or HID(preferred), growing medium - soil, soilless, or hydroponic, ventilation, and odor control. Everybody's different and so are all the grow spaces. You'd be well served to read as much as you can on these forums, and buy a good grow "How To" book.

Let us know how things are proceeding.



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the cabinet looks good... but you might wana find one that's a bit taller than that, considering room for the lights and room for the pots or reservoir and whatnot.. good luck on your search :3:


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That one cab with the doors, was only 11 inches deep. Your best bet I think is to follow Akorn's advice, and build one. Mine is made out of ply wood. My Original setup cost me about $100 - $130, wood, screws, lights, rubber weather striping, Lock, buckets, soil. . . I built up from there. Just do a little reading, get an idea of what you want. . i.e How many plants, how tall, soil, hydro, kind of lights, this will dictate what kind of setup you need. Good luck man!:51:
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