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Need breeding opinions


Nug of the Month: Feb 2014
Hi all.

So I have grown Chemdawg D for a good while now (among many other strains). It does not let me down. Decent to good yield, great smell, high potency, and its easy to grow. It is greatly resistant to budrot or molds (although a couple times its gotten a small bit of PM), its also etremely stable and nomatter what happens the plant will not hermie.

However it has some weaknesses too of course (that I would like to improve on by breeding my own strain). Its yield while good is not incredible, strains like big bud and critical mass or power plant would crush it. It seems to attract the hell out of spider mites (i think they like its taste and smell, cant blame them).

So yeah basically I want to breed more yield into this great plant and up its potency too hopefully. While still keeping its great mold resistance, and ease of grow.

From a smoke point of view it leans towards sativa but it is definitely a hybrid with some indica chill effect.

Some things I do not care about at all are: flower time, keeping it compact.

I have considered so far chocolope, and heavy OG.

Keep in mind I am in US so the seed company must be able to ship to here...

Ok thanks and hope you peeps have some good ideas on a breeding partner.
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