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Need factual input on LEDs


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I'm not trying to grow the best bud in the world or sell to a dispensary or win world records. It's just very hard to believe that one of those lights wouldn't even cover a 4x4.
Cheap LEDS are most often less efficient than HPS or CMH. You can get something cheap but it will cost you on your electric bill. Or you can pay more and buy a COBS or quantum boards. I like my COBS. They are water proof built like tanks and are dimmable.


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I moved it up to where the PAR will be slightly under 1000 PAR. Already have had first grower issues so I'm trying not to f it up even more.

Do you have extra CO2 or it isn't over 1000 PAR?

Is the 1000 PAR needs extra CO2 a scientific fact?
I'm not sure about C02 but there have been forest fires around here so i'm covered LOL. jk.


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I have a couple phlizon cobs too the 300w ones. They are bright and have crees. I couldnt find a better price anywhere. I have videos and pics up if you search and find canabisconcentration thats mine
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