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Need feedback on this light-mover from fleabay


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Hi guys, just wondering if anyone has used this cheap light-mover?
Here are some specs. & pics,

7' Grow Light Rail Mover

7' of Aluminum Rails
10 RPM HD Drive Motor
2 Dollies with Ball Bearing Rollers and mounting loops
Duration time adjustable from 2-120 Seconds
Expandable up to 28' with the purchase of expansion rails
15' Grounded cord
115V 60 Hz
14 Watts
90 Day Warranty

110$ with shippiing




regardless let me know what you think...
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I have the same one. I used it for my first grow and it worked flawlessly. I also picked up a charcoal filter and fan from the same guy (if the guy is in Texas). Everything worked as advertised.

Thanks for the reply, just what i wanted to hear. The guy is from Texas, do you know what the weight capacity is?


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I don't know the weight limitation, but I had a 15lb LED panel hanging from it with no problem. Its pretty well constructed and the rail system could probably support a grown man (extruded aluminum is pretty strong). So the"weak-link" is the motor housing which is sheet metal and the roller supports. I wouldn't think twice about hanging a heavy light on it. And if you have a long fixture or multiple fixtures, use the additional trolleys.

Hope that's helpful.


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So my rail is on its way, i was talking to an old school grow guy and he thinks that i should not use the rail. The reason i bought the rail in the first place is i'm not getting the yield to watt ratio that i would like. So if i use half the light it should be easier to get there? I know how the saying goes more light mo bud. My thought is if the plant gets a higher intensity for shorter time it should equal out no?

Welcome all thoughts and suggestions thank you:yummy:


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I guess it depends on who you ask. I've seen people swear by them on the forums. I used mine with an LED light, and think that having one that even moves just a few inches back and forth is good because it spreads out the spectrum of the individual LEDs and gives more coverage to the leaves that would have been shaded by upper leaves.

Just my opinion.


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thx for reply, i'm running HID. so the question is at a closer range but less time will it still produce? too bad no one else is willing to comment or nobody uses light movers on this forum...:smokin2:
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