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Need Guerrilla Grow Site Advice

I tried to PM a knowledgeable member with some of my questions, but don't have 50 posts yet. So I'll start a thread.

Now that deer season is (mostly) over, I've started scouting and preparing my guerrilla grow spots for next season. My household smokes about 3-4 pounds per year, so I'm planning on growing 8-10 indica in two locations. I've done a guerrilla grow once in an abandoned, fertile farm field. Now I'm in the Appalachians and the soil here is loose red clay with rocks. Ugh. The advice I've been reading is to dig holes 3 to 4 feet deep! :yikes: I've got a couple holes dug about 2 feed deep and filled. It took most of the day. Plus, it took up all the soil mix I prepared. Is it really necessary to dig holes 3-4 feet deep? I know the better the soil, the higher the yield but I'm wondering if 3 feet holes is sort of overkill.

My other question is how many weeks in advance do you sprout before last frost? Probably going to put the girls in the ground in early to mid May. Planning on topping and pinching a lot during vegging to keep a low profile plant and remove the main cola (since the humidity is high here - mold worries).


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This type of soil takes years to work out. You could start cutting it with compost or worm castings and calcium carbonate, but if you want fast results some digging will be necessary. I wouldn't go more that 2 feet though, the rest will be done by the roots themselves.
Thanks. I'm going to try the worm castings and calcium carbonate conditioning on the future vegetable bed sight. Just finished mixing another batch of soil for a couple more 2' holes.


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I am a bit north of you but my plants go outdoors around the end of June, up to mid July. Harvest is around late Sept through Nov 1. Once the plant is in the ground, after planting 7-10 days heavy Veg growth takes over. Plants can and do exceed 8 feet. I start to germinate around April 15th, I hope to wait a week later this year but I always get excited to get things going. Yes I do about 2 or 3 toppings on the plants and just before going out I take bottom branch and clone a bunch of them to replace ones eaten by deer or other wildlife, that is my main problem with outdoor growing. In the last year I found that ordering seeds was very nice and high quality but keep some of the seeds from your "ditch weed" and start them also so you have something to compare. Certainly buy Feminized seeds, I had feminized this past year and was nervous about getting a few boys in the mix, not a one. My ditch weed produced heavier than my purchased feminized seed. So do not discount what you have. It takes a while to find the proper seed that produces well for you and your grow. I bought 7 different names last year and this year only reordered 2 of the 7 and I am trying some other products this year. Exciting time of the year, going through seed electronic catalogs. Be very careful adding organic anything from dirt to nutrients, the animals in the woods can smell it a long way off, they dig to the bottom of your hole to find the tasty treat, which is not there but now the plant is down dying. The only way I can get things going is by Nothing in the dirt until the plant gets established. Then fertilize the heck out of it with what ever you like. When they get bigger a deer may browse but in Veg state that means two branches not one. Look at what they did to this plant when is was smaller they turned it into a bush.


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I germinate in February, but my climate is quite mild.
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