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Need Guidance - please check


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i am new and i did not plan to plant some but i saw this in the backyard growing on its own. and i think it needs help. please check the pic so you can advice me about what i need to do and sorry my English is not that good..

strain: unknown
soil: just backyard soil

and outdoor grown


-too tall stretchy stem
-not enough leaves
-roots coming out from the stem just a few distance from the soil


what do i need to do so it can survive?

Lester Freeman

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Re: Need help (please check :( )

That's beautiful.

On one hand, it seems like they're strong and standing tall and would likely grow out of the stretchiness for the most part.

But when we see it sprouting roots off the side of the stem, it is just begging us to transplant it and repot them.

So essentially you'd have to use a trowel to dig up each individual plant (carefully without disturbing what little roots they have), and then make sure to cover up the stem with soil all the way up to about ~ 2 centimeters below the first set of green leaves. So, just transplanting them into new pots and the old stem becomes the new root.



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Re: Need help (please check :( )

thank you lester..

is ready mix soil for potting good? i see a lot of that on our local store.. can i use it?


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You'll have the best luck using a plain potting soil with very few, or no added nutrients. They are usually cheaper, and will not say something like "Feeds plants for up to 6 months" You don't want that soil, it can be too hot for the seedlings.

I personally use a plain potting soil with a 10%-20% perlite mixed in, and I feed my own nutrients when the plant is ready. (Never use time release nutrients, as they are difficult to measure and flush when harvest time comes around)


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thanks for the advice.. and i transplanted it just now. with some mixed soild i got from my backyard .. and hopefully they will grow... ill be observing the smaller one since i messed up with the roots.. kinda cut a little of it. :/ so wish me luck guys and thanks for the advices :D


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One of them r flowering lol. The last side ways picture shows white hairs. It's gonna look like a donkey dick. Lol. The roots could be choking each other, but I have a white widow x shark bite that always looks like a big ugly drooping mop. Produces 1/2 lb cured finished of some beautiful crystal nugs (4-5ft) It's an ugly duck plant. But urs might just being choked but that surprises me cause they don't look more then a foot tall. I presume u took these photos at night? So they wouldn't perk up much anyway with out sun. An easy fix to insure they don't kill each other is to dig a whole in the ground that ur pot perfectly fits into and transplant them right into the ground. U said this dirt was from ur back yard right? So cut the grass back around the pot so u don't have to worry about the grass atacking it cover the edge with mulch. Now ur roots will grow down instead of competing for that little space. Remember to break up the rootball. Some people on here might disagree with this since u r in flower , but most look like sativas so u got another 9-12 weeks to finish and IMO I don't think it will change much judging on what u got there. No offense. My first plant I grew in a 3 L jug with a red bulb in my room and fed it co2 everyday by covering it with a garbage bag and opening up my tank I snagged from the paintball store everyday lol. I ended up with about a bowl pack. But everyone stArts somewhere. Good luck with whatever u choose.
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