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Need help - 1st grow indoor Auto Amnesia Haze & Auto Jack Herer - 4x4


thank you all for your support, i have re-started a new seed only one to avoid the massacre that happened to the early girls.
how long before planting that i need to prepare the soil? do i water immediately after preparing it? or after planting? a quick re-cap would be highly appreciated noting that i am using 600 w hps at 50cm distance , do i need to dim it down to 250w or 400 w and keep it slightly away?

peace and love



problem solved. i repeated the process with only 1 seed this time. sprouted today :) you have no idea how good it felt :)

i noticed that that my mistake was that the soil was too dry when i planted them and i planted them too deep and covered them with too much dry soil , i also wasnt water spraying enough.

now that it sprouted , how do i water them , do i keep misting around or shall i water it properly, last watering was when i planted them 3 days ago. top surface is drying up fast and a knuckle deep is still wet.

love you all and thank you again for the support
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