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Need Help ASAP! Harvesting moldy plants tonight

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Ok guys here's the story.

The past 2-3 weeks I have been spotting mold spots on my fan leaves. I have been cutting away the spots before it reachs the buds but it keeps coming back everytime I visit my site. It's been dropping to about 5 degrees and raining non stop here. I figure I need to cut my loses and harvest now. It just rained lastnighr but I don't want to risk the site being found or more mold spreading. I found a video of a guy that washes the plants in h202 to kill all the mold before drying and curing the bud?! WIN!!

Has anyone heard of this?

It rained all last night. I need to dry these plants in a shed outdoors.. With the weather being 5 degrees over night and 10 during the day.. I'm afraid that it will be too cold to dry the water and I risk getting more mold after the h202 bath?

My plan;

Harvest, cut down to branches. Trim main fan leaves, h202 bath. Hang in the shed with a fan circulating the air to dry the buds??

Let me know if you guys have any advice.
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Re: NEED HELP ASAP! Harvesting moldy plants tonight.

Ps; is it bad to be hanging them in the shed with a fan when there's a bunch of dust dirt machines ect in there ?


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Powdery mildew do not usually affect budz, but leaves and stems. If it's botrytis that's a different story, man.
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I think it might be PW? It was like white spots on the leaves? From the pics on Google it looks just like powdery mildew. That's reassuring then if it won't affect the buds. I got everything! Roughly trimmed and hung. Only issue it that its soo cold outside over night. It's dropping to -1c Sunday. But will jump back to 10-15 the following days. I'm hoping that they will be ok in a shed in this weather? I cannot put a space heater.. And can only run a fan for a probably 8 hours a day..


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Yeah, here this time of the year is hard too, but I'm far from your temps. I think you must be living further up north!