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Need Help - Brown Spots On Leaves Of Transplanted Clone


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I have recently transplanted my clone, waited a few days for it to adapt and dry from watering, FIM'ed it a few times
and gave it nutrients. The soil is pro mix and it does have some nutrients in it. A fair amount of leaves have developed brown spots and a couple even have yellowing at the main veins.

Here is the nutrient formula I gave the clone(the first feed): General Hydroponics Flora Trio (Cuttings & Seedlings Formula; 1/4 Strength Veg) with light dose of calmag and silica pH 6.1 (the light dose amount is on the bottles)

I don't know if it actually needs more nutrients or if I had the pH too low or if I just FIM'ed it too much and stressed it. It's also possible that I burnt it because the soil has nutrients maybe? Any help is appreciated.

Here are a couple of pics. The first shows one of the leaves with the yellowing around the main vein.

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The problem seems to have fixed itself. The issue may have been caused by improper drainage as the soil took a while to dry. It could also be the extra nutrients I gave them for the next feed.
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