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Need help choosing between lights!


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I'm looking into adding a few more lights to my setup and have narrowed it down to these:

If I could get some opinions and advice, I'd appreciate it !!

1 of these

or 2 of these

I like the strips because of the versatility of being able to mount them up above or on the side but I think the first one will be more powerful.

HELP !! Is there a big difference between T5 fluorescents and T5 compact fluorescents? Anyone think it will be bad if I were to use the first one and mount it on it's side so the light shines horizontally rather than vertically?
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The first light actually looks like a TT55 with the double tubes.

Mago is right T5 is the diameter of the bulb. The come in different lenghts.

If it is a double tube it will be something like TT55 or TT105 TT for double tub and in this case the number actually represents the wattage.

T5 = 5/8 of an inch single tube.
T8 = 8/8 of an inch or just 1 inch
TT55= 55 watt double tube
TT105 = 105 watt double tube.

Double tube meaning the actual bulb is dual and connected at the end and has 1 socket usually on on end. It does not mean there are 2 x TT55's in one fixture. It is simply the type of bulb. Hope this helps.

T5 are great for clones and veg.


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Sorry, I'm confused again. What is the difference between a compact fluorescent and a fluorescent bulb? Is one better than the other?

The lights I'm debating between up above are CFL and fluorescent respectively. I'm also looking at a 3rd option, which looks similar to the first picture but uses fluorescent tubes instead of compact fluorescent.


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If your gonna grow with fluorescent bulbs. T 5 are suppose to be the best possible bulb to use. I've read they produce the most lumens per watt and they keep there value the longest. while regular fluorescent lamps loose there optimal level of useful spectrum that the plants need rather quickly 3-6 months. T5's are known to last alot longer. Only down size when using T5's is the fact that they will not work in any regular t8 or t12 light fixture. You must get a light fixture with a ballast equipped for t5 bulbs.

Compact fluorescents are bulbs that have a regular socket that you can use in any basic light fixture that takes normal incadescent bulbs. They are relatively cheap and can be used with normal light sockets.
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