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Need help diagnosing possible deficiency?


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Hey Everybody

I could sure use some help if anyone can help me figure out what the problem im having is!

Here's my setup, right now i have 3 Snow White plants in a dresser with the back ripped out. 10 Gallon tub with 5 gallons r/o water in it. Using GH nutrients according to the expert feeding schedule on their website. Just mixed up a fresh batch for the first week of mild growth. 50ml of FloraGro, FloraBlend, and Diamond Nectar and 25ml of FloraMicro, FloraBloom, Floralicious Gro, and Flora Nectar for the 5 gallons. Also 2 tsp of Subculture B and 1/2 tsp of Subculture M. As i am sure i dont need to have all of their products i had the money so said why the hell not as this is my first hydro grow and i like to go by the motto, Go BIG or Go Home!. Reservoir is dark blue plastic with 2 airstones and i did have a pump in there with tubes feeding the net cups but just removed it with last res change wednesday as the roots are well into the water now. I dont know if ill be using the Subculture for the next res change pending results after this week, i dont like how it slimes up the res and roots, the roots were nice and white after the first week using it but with the res change on wednesday they got kind of brown from it, though still very healthy, still monitering to decide. PPM for the first week when they were ready for nutes was around 400, fresh nute change for mild growth is at 850.

Lighting is currently 3 42w 6500k cfl's about 5 inches about the plants, temperature has ranged from 70 to 78 but most of the time is 70-73. Res temp is 60 to 70, most of the time 65. pH is well monitered and i start it at 5.5, let it climb to 6, then keep it around 5.8

So after all that the plants in general have been doing what i think to be VERY well. They are currently 17 days old from sprouting. When the first true leaves all came in after they started getting pretty good size two of the plants developed a few brown dots on the leaves. I didnt do anything to address the problem as it seemed as they grew that the problem didnt increase any and all other foliage looked just fine. Now the one plant is getting the spots on some more leaves while the other two just seem to have the spots only on the first true leaves still. I assume that this must be a deficiency of some sort?? One plant is good to go, the other just has the spots on the true leaves and the third has it on a couple more leaves. There definitely are no signs of any type of bugs as i have checked VERY closely. Here are the pics of the plants below. The first 3 pics are of the couple leaves that are bad and the last 3 show that the rest of the plant and plants are otherwise very healthy. Any help is definitely appreciated! Thanks!!



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I'm no expert but looks like a sign of cal mag. I would add some cal mag to your mix.

Yeah good call, thats kind of what i was thinking since im using r/o water i figured it might be a bit low. Cause other than that these guys are growing super fast and looking really healthy. I'll have to get some and give that a try


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"Calcium Deficiency:
Young leaves are affected first and become small and distorted or chlorotic with irregular margins, spotting or necrotic areas. Bud development is inhibited, blossom end rot and internal decay may also occur and root may be under developed or die back. Deficiency will cause leaf tip die-back, leaf tip curl and marginal necrosis and chlorosis primarily in younger leaves. Symptoms: young leaves develop chlorosis and distortion such as crinkling, dwarfing, developing a strap-like shape, shoots stop growing and thicken."
from 420 Magazine ®

It could be a little nute burn also as white strains are very sensitive to chem changes and increase. My black widows i had to step up the ppm very slowly or they would curl. But i've only used GH FloraMicro, FloraBloom, Flora Gro. No boosts as of yet.
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