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Need help! DWC potential root rot?

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Having some trouble...started my flush on Wednesday and now all of my plants are Soo droopy...roots don't look bad..pH is right, temps are good...

I am at almost 8 weeks...do I chop now or are they already trash? I added some peroxide to a few before they went to sleep today...but I am tempted to just cut them all down now as the buds were like 90% done.

Any advice is most welcome!

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Ranges between 68.9-71...this is week 8ish I have had no issues until I started this flush. Tapwater is about 350ppm, pH at 9...corrected to 5.8

Chris Scorpio

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Water temp is fine, I ran mine all summer close to 80deg, no issues with hydroguard and z7

Curious why he got root rot, I assume not enough Rez changes, assuming it is root rot
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They are somewhere in the range of 15-10%clear, 80ish% milky, 2-5% Amber...a bit early but not a waste... Just waiting on some clones to root, so if it will get me safely to my next harvest all is well. I was worried I would wait to long and it would be actual garbage, so I am not opposed to cutting it early. Thank you for all of your feedback.


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Man that looks really bad no way it just happened after a flush. I’ve flushed hundreds of plants for up to 4 weeks and never seen that before. the roots look great. I’d say she’s a goner. Especially because she’s in flower the stress will herm her if she recovers. I’d just harvest as much as possible before it rots.
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Ouch. Good advice from iceman420 there mate. Looks like something hit them quick and hard too. Sadly the potency will suffer along with taste/flavour. Seems something has gone very toxic. Have you used any folier feeding and what is the humidity like?