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Need help! DWC potential root rot?

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Woke up today to zero improvement, added aeration, removed more water(5gal buckets may have 1 gal left) added peroxide last night. No sprays, I only use A and B. Humidity over last week has min of 43, Max of 55. Added a fan as well...roots still look good. As I said I was about a week from harvest...my concern is it safe to vape or rosin press in this condidtion? I am doubtful I will use any for edibles as I can't be sure of how much it actually flushed. Ppm is about 400 but I dunno how much it Drank before she drowned


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It can take a few days to respond to changes both ways. But hopefully if you dry her leaves stems and some roots without any chops/trimming. It could give her chance to use up any remaining chlorophyll, carbs,sugars etc... and I read about bud washing too which could help a bit . Harshness is not about flushing and the myths surrounding a non nature harvest method( I know we all use non natural to a point) like flushing needs your own personal research and conclusion. For me flushing is a load of bullshit. You cannot withdraw ANY products backwards through the capillary action of the plant. The remaining nutes in the plant at harvest, will be used as intended until she SLOWLY dries out and can no longer convert/transfer them because they are GONE. Starving plants for weeks on end makes zero sense when you have spent so long and so much money on beefing them up. Water alone is not food, nutes are needed but the amount should be backed off pre harvest and her final 36 hours in total darkness will tell her to eat quickly as the end is near for her chances of seed. She will live for most of the drying period and be "actively" using the stored goodies for this purpose. Please research this for yourself before i get set upon by the scary " purge , hang ,draw and quarter " brigade. Lol good luck sorry if went on a bit
Bummer on your plants Aarkem, definitely not good. After reading all your posts, the only thing I could see besides not getting enough air as Scorpio noted, was adding peroxide to your buckets. How much, and why now, since you're trying to flush everything out of your plants?

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My thoughts for peroxide were two find, I figured if the over water soaking they got for 2 days may have started the rotting process and this would help as well as add a wee bit more oxygen to the water...figured it couldn't hurt at this point..am cutting them down now. As I am afraidnthe leaves and buds hanging together is on to create mold. Will update tonight ..buds so far look great...some.a bit early forsure.


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From the photos I’d say you are in the 3 week window before harvest. But it’s hats all under the bridge now. I agree with granddaddy flushing is over ratied because there is always going on o be something in there ph up/down. Is important during flush also. It has to Be in the window 5.8. And you will have to check twice a day with out the nutrients in your water it doesn’t buffer very well to hold ph.
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I do think it's weird all through the grow the pH has climbed like crazy but during flush it didn't move a single point...could be my pH meter that's messed? Or I locked them out and didn't realize before it was too late. Not really sure TBH.
Climbed? Like how much? Your pH should stay between 5.5 and 6.0 in DWC. It's normal for your pH to fluctuate when using nutes. Your plants are eating all those good nutes, but eating different nutes at different times. But when flushing, your pH shouldn't change since all you're using, is balanced pH water.

I haven't started my hydroponics setup yet but I saw this and decided to add my two cents.
Was the flush with the pH correction done properly. I mean was the pH totally tested? This really looks like pH shock. I had the same appearance on my indoor grow when a Solo cup I had in my soil grow tip over. It was a fruit fly bait with apple cider vinegar in the cup and clear wrap over the top with a few holes in it secured with an elastic band.
I had accidentally knocked the cup over when watering, and it was at the time at the base of a plant. Late that night my plant had the same exact look and got worse even after a flush and did not recover. Also, and this may seem a stretch, vinegar gives off a gas, and it can kill a plant too. I only had about 100 ml of vinegar in the cup.
I feel your pain, I do have root rot, it is despicable - it was my bad that caused it .. I got too cocky for a first time grower. I grew in bag soil with added enzymes, microrz... and worm castings, and molasses! My plants are in week 4 of bloom, I'm going to have to harvest this soon.