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Need Help FAST!


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1. Are you growing in Soil or using a Hydro system? Hydro,

Indoor or outdoor? Indoor. Indoor

2. How old are your plants? Mothers are 3 Months........Clones are 30 days

Are you growing Clones or from Seed?Clones

3. How tall are your plants? 6 to 10 inches

4. What size containers are they planted in? 3x3x2.5 rockwool, no pots yet.

5. What is your Soil mix composed of? N/A

Are you using pre-fertilized potting soil? N/A

6. How often do you water? Every 4 hours when lights are on.

- What are you watering with?
Tap water. PPM from Tap is 110. PH comes out at 6.9. I adjust it down to 5.8 after adding nutes.
Reverse Osmosis

7. Are you using fertilizers?

- Chemical or Organic? What kind or brand? General Hydroponics FG, FM, FB, Floralicious, Diamond Nectar, Hydrozyme
Plant has been receiving these nutes for months. Clones where in strait water for about 20 to 25 days then back to nutes. I'll explain more below.

8. What kind of lights are you using? (HPS, MH, Fluorescent, Halogen, Incandescent "Plant Lights") One - MH 400 watt 18 inches above tops.

How many lights?
How many watts or lumen's?
How close are the lights to the plants?

9. What size is your grow space? 36 x36 Hydro Hut, Good ventilation

10. What is the temperature and humidity in your grow space? Temperature remains around 75 to 80 day time and 65 to 70 at night. Humidity hovers around 50%.

11. What is the pH of the soil? NA

12. Have you noticed any insect activity in your grow space? Black Flys or mosquitoes (rarely).

13. How much experience do you have growing? Just enough to be dangerous.

I took these clones from mothers that where 2.5 months old. They have been cloned for about 45 days total. 20 days of that was in a clone machine. They exploded with growth in that machine. Last week I transplanted from the machine to rockwool cubes, (rockwool was soaked and adjusted) I began a light nutrient feed using the clone / seedling chart. I began to see yellowing in the lower leaves so I upped the Nitrogen a bit. Not much. I started to think maybe I screwed up the reservoir after a couple days when it kept getting worse so I drained and refilled with new nutes. I uped the nutes to the growth stage which is one before VIGORIS growth stage on the chart. Mostly because I felt the plants may be needing more than I was giving according to books and photos. I know its not to much nutes because there are 53 clones in the same nutes and the others are a month younger than the ones I'm having trouble with. The younger ones (20 days) are doing good. No Burn. Good new growth.

Today I increased the dosage of Phosfurus ( justa little) because thats what it looks like it needs to me.

PPM was at 550 at first. I raised it to 750 a couple days ago. The yestaerday I cahnged the res and now the PPM is at 1250.

It may need a day to respond but I wanted to get this out there before its to late. Maybe someone has an idea of what this prioblem is. I see to many possabilitys in my books.

This is the 45 day old clone. It is about 8 to 10 inches tall. It is a White Widow.

That is spreading throught the plant. Fast.

Same plant

This is a clone from a Northern Lights. Total Clone age = 25 days or so. Total mother plant age is 80 days. This has no problems as you can see. This was a flowering clone. The mother had been in flower for 10 days when this clonbe was taken.

Here is the whole set up. The Older clones are barley visable in the upper left corner.

Enough Info???



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Re: Need Help FAST !!

My plants are dying and I don't know what to do.

This is spreading throughout my crop and is moving faster by the day.

I'm going to go flush the system for now and see if makes a difference

Please help.


Jim Finnel

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Re: Need Help FAST !!

can plants be transplanted from hydro to soil? just wondering if that would be an option, i know next to nothing about growing.


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Re: Need Help FAST !!

Thanks Life.

User: It can be done but I don't think that is my answer. Plus, I really am not set up for dirt in any way.

I have new photos of the problem waiting for approval. Close ups.

Staying tuned in.


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Re: Need Help FAST !!

Boy are you good !!

I just got back from the hydro shop and after explaining whats transpired up to now the guy thinks I may be over watering with to many nutes and have nute lockout.

He says to use Clearex flush (Botanicare) to break up the salts created by the nutrients. GH nutes.

I agree with you that flushing can't hurt. I did flush with strait water this morning after thinking I may have screwed up with the dosage. I'll just hand water for a couple days and see what happens. I've been feeding every 3 hours with a pretty strong solution. I kept changing it up with different mixes trying to fix the problem and was only exasperating it.

Oh well....................live and learn. Typical nubbie shit huh??:3:

Thanks Dank !!

Pirate out.


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Re: Need Help FAST !!

When in doubt...flush it out. Never hurts and can often help. I'd suspect Potassium at first glance. Does the problem go down the leaf stem also? I couldn't tell from the pics. Make sure to flush/rinse your table well also because the residual salts will build upon those surfaces as well.

Your humidity level is a bit low for the veg stage - should be 65-70% for veg and 50-60 in flowering. Keep and eye out for fungal issues too.
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Re: Need Help FAST !!

Thanks Akorn. I Like it. "When in doubt, Flush it out"

As far as potasium? Well I was seeing differnet things as the days progressed and thats how I got up to 1200 ppm for clones. I did change out the resevior at one point but didn't flush the medium.

Anyway...........I think I got it all handled.

Oh how I love education...............the hard way.

"When in doubt, Flush it out" !!!!




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Re: Need Help FAST !!

"When in doubt flush it out" lol...that's real similar to a computer catch phrase I use sometimes....

With your best Canadian accent.... "When in doot, reboot" lmao

Glad to see your clones are on the mend...


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Re: Need Help FAST !!

Yup. Its been several days and it looks like we got it handled.

Their doing good.
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