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Need help finding a sturdy 5'x5' grow tent with all the fixings.


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Never bought a grow tent before, only heard of one site to go look at them (perfectgardens), don't really know where to start. I like what I've seen there but I want to ask around and do more research.

I want to move a 5x5 tent into my room and run a Mars II 1600w LED and maybe 2 Old Model 100x3w LED's from TopLED's (these are heavy lights, so it really needs to be a sturdy design) since my garage where I usually grow indoors gets too hot in the summer. I'd like to get a carbon filter and ducting and fans with it.

Cooling the garage just isn't a viable option. Too humid for a swamp cooler, no windows, and I can't run ducting through the house.

In my room I have a window that we could vent from, or install a window AC unit in, and its much cooler in general just from being indoors. My thoughts are.. if I installed a window AC unit, which I've been wanting to anyways since its so hot at nights, and then just had a good air circulation system in my tent with an intake somewhere near the cool air flow, I'm set. My LED's shouldn't produce an insane amount of heat, just enough to make it clammy if there's no air flow.

So I'm asking everyone here if they know any good deals, suppliers, sites to look at, links, someone I can talk to about this? Please respond here or in a PM.

Is there any chance a sponsor would be willing to provide such a tent? I could definitely showcase one in a journal. I'm a pretty experienced organic grower, I know what I'm doing, just check out my journals if you want to see how in depth I am haha.

Thanks for your time and help, any thoughts, please share. Sorry if this isn't so frequently asked haha... I don't ask for help much like this didn't know where to post. :Namaste:


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Mars-Hydro themselves do tents, I'm not sure how they are themselves you might want to check the Mars-Hydro thread, you'll get an informed answer there. As for the most talked about tents that I've seen it seems everyone likes the Gorilla tents, although some dislike the Gorilla Lite versions so you might want to stick to the more expensive range. With a low ambient temperature in the room you won't need to worry too much about heat issues, my wife has our temps set to a constant 25 degrees celsius and I still only run the fans part time just for air movement. As for particular sites I'm sorry but I don't know many myself, but you might not go far wrong by checking the sponsors if you're in the US :thumb: All the best
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