Need Help! First Timer Here


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Joining to see this girls flowering!!

My brick to the wall... Dont water/feed them everyday, let at least 1 cm of the surface get dry before feeding again. In the last week or 2, dont feed her anything BUT molasses with water!

Cannabis is strong, and if left alone with good soil will never die, like someone said "Cannabis doesnt die, we kill it". Anything you start feeding her now with, you will smoke some of it!

Keep the love, and good care for them girls. ;);)


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Final update!!! I harvested her ladies and gentlemen, she was getting bad from the burn. When I flushed, I could see how acidic she was. However, even though the yield was small, it is f'ing fire, and I clipped when the trichs were clear. The only smoke that comes close to this is when I was younger. I am curing in the glass mason right now. I will provide a picture of the yield soon enough.
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