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Need help for first time grower


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hello everyone, I love 420, and decided to plant some by myself for the first time. I already got a 4*4*6.5 tent with 600W MH and HPS light. CO2 filter. the base tray will be a 3*3 base. the first try will be 5 plants and hope I can get them all success. I been reading here and did a lot of research, but one thing keep me confused all time, i will be using a soil mix like this: Potting soil 60%, Building sand 10%, Perlite 15%, Per-mix 5% ( N-12 P-6 K-6), Worm castings 10%. since the soil al:Namaste:ready has so much nutrients, do I still need to add more fertilizer when watering? If I do, what and when should I use the extra nute?


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