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Need help from cultivators in Los Angeles


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I live in the Los Angeles area. My wife and I have decided to get into the business of cultivating cannabis. She has MS and I am a cancer survivor. The medical aspects of cannabis are well known to the both of us and we rather enjoy growing. So, we have decided to step it up.

Wehave been looking for a warehouse in the area and I am very interested in speaking with anyone who is cultivating indoors on that scale.

It seems like everyone is very tight lipped and information is hard to come by. So, I would be very grateful for any info.

I don't want to know your location or anything like that. I just need some help in how to go about setting up a commercial grow in a warehouse.

Right now we have investors who are loving our concept, yet I am having some trouble putting together our complete plan.

If you are a grower in Los Angeles and have walked this path already, I could use some direction.

Thank you.


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Just noticed the date was a while ago. Hope you get set up. This is also the hardest time I have with things, a 420 friendly landlord. We have done it several times over. The hardest thing is trying to decide if you are going to be honest and upfront with exactly what you are doing. Through the years I have done both. It sure is easier to be upfront if the landlord will rent to you.


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I'm sure you will see some help from someone soon. This is a great community, with most seeing the value in helping create a competitive market, instead of fearing it. There is plenty, plenty, PLENTY of weed left to be culitvated my friends--and the best has yet to be grown.


A high quality hydroponics store like Green Coast Hydro in Long Beach can set you up. They have a cad cam design and can handle any needs for setting up grows. I know this is a late response.


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I know it's been awhile since your post... if you still have not set up shop, look into the opportunities in the desert. Specifically, Desert Hot Springs, Coachella, Adelonto now offers commercial growing licenses.


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Due to the new rules in California, under MMRSA, most cities had a deadline by March 1st to either allow for cultivation and come up with their own ordinances and regulations or if they didnt' make a decision by that deadline, then they had to follow the new MMRSA state rules. Many cities in California did not want to give up control of their cities, but also weren't prepared to make a decision by March 1st, so instead about 90% of the cities banned cultivation and related businesses.

Late February, governor Jerry Brown realized that the deadline was not giving cities enough time to write their own revisions, so they lifted the deadline, but at this time, most California cities had already banned cultivation as a "placeholder" to allow to rewrite the ordinances at a later date instead of giving the control to the state.

Therefore at this time there are only about 7-10 cities in California out of over 400 cities that allow for commercial production and licenses under the new MMRSA. Most of these are either in the desert like OP mentioned, or northern California such as Oakland, and the northern counties like Humboldt and Mendocino counties.

Since there is very limited areas allowing for cultivation, major companies and investors are buying up this land at inflated prices, knowing the possibilities of the revenue generations. Acres of land that would have maybe fetched 50,000$ are now selling for over $500,000 and up just because of the demand for land in permit pro cities.

You would have to look up each city ordinance and see the specifics because some of these cities are only offering a certain number of cultivation permits, and many have already been vouched for. Some cities go by the new MMRSA laws and regs and some are set up like the old laws where cultivation has to be tied to a collective and plant limits are based on patient recs, and some are by the MMRSA laws where you can have up to 22,000 sq ft per site operator. Each city is different though so you would have to check the regs. California NORML has a list of these city ordinances which is a good start.

Be ready to pay big bucks though for a commercial permit, land or rent. One facility that I know of is underway with their project, and operators will be paying over $100,000 a month to rent the facilities for cultivatoin, plus branding costs and other fees.

It pretty much sucks for us small time growers who now have to deal with city bans, and regulations prohibiting even legal medical personal grows. They opened the door for major money to come in and get rich, but many of us who want to just grow our own are now finding that our cities have banned any cultivation, medical or not. Make sure to check your city ordinances because many have changed as of 2016... sucks :(
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