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Need help from the gurus

Major PITA

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I've used Azamax/Azatrol in the past. It works well as both a foliar and a drench. It gets the nasties above ground and below.


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Re: Need help from the gurus...

I have read this, could you provide more information ?

"Several hundred lozenges at Mountain High were quarantined after inspectors found their labels listed the pesticide spinosad, an insecticide that is slightly toxic to humans, according to Dan Rowland, spokesman for Denver's office of marijuana policy."

And Spinosd is not listed on this directory of safe pesticides for marijuana use.


I am not trying to be a tool, I am just trying to help my friend as best I can. Thank you for your help.

No offense taken, but I will need to go back in my web history and pull where I got the information from. I will say I do recall they were talking about growing fruits and vegetables not MJ but I assumed if it was safe for vegetables it should be safe for MJ. Once again that assumed may have bitten me in the butt.


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Here are a few links as to where I got some of the info I used to base my suggestion on. Is it the best choice? I don't know, probably not, it is just one of many options. Did I read every single note on every single page of all the above links? No but I tried to scan through and look for any parts that would be of benefit to you and also looked for anything that may cause alarm or have a negative impact to you.

Hope this gives you an insight to where I got my information, there were others not listed, such as mother earth news and a few others but this post is getting way to long.

Which ever way you choose to get rid of your unfriendly guests I only wish you best of success. Cheers!


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LOL when I was writing that last post those links filled up like 3/4 of the page... so glad they condensed down. Being old I am new to this linking web sights and links and such.


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I know this may sound strange but it works well. 1 part milk 5 parts water add honey 1 ounce, rubbing alcohol. Shake well and kill those bastards.


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Look into beneficial nematodes. There is a good product for a wide range of pests including thrips. It's called OG Biowar, you need both there root and foliar pack. This is the way to go if you want to stay as organic as possible. The sns line is good as well. The spinosad will work too. The beneficials are the business.


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"Which ever way you choose to get rid of your unfriendly guests I only wish you best of success. Cheers![/QUOTE]

Thank you for the information friend. I will peruse.....


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Update here...

My friend says, after spending almost a week looking for pure PNO (cold pressed) neem oil, he got the only locally available product, which turned out to be a 5ppm product...useless for bugs. Cold pressed neem oil should contain 300 to 1500ppm Azadirachtin. Reseach indicated only refined oil (Azadirachtin removed) has such low amount (5ppm)of Azadirachtin. Yet the manufacturer STILL stated that their oil was cold pressed after being asked about this. Then the netherland based company removed the product from ther webstore, and told my friend they were "not allowed" to sell it any more. And now they refuse to answer any more of his questions, on the basis they no longer sell it..

LOL...got to love profit motive huh...

So he did a Dr. Bronners soap dip, using Rosemary oil too. Drenched the soil also , and now he is looking for a concentrated neem product.

Predators will be the tool of choice for the next infestation so says my friend. Live and learn.

Thank you all, for your ideas and your help.
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