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Need help getting my Account back!


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Hello! I am trying to get logged on my old account, Strapped420 but my password wouldent work.. I had been gone for 14 monthes, So i had put in for a password reset a few days ago, And It still hs not shown up.. It's an AOL address. I tried again and nothing, So if an Admin could contact me on here or send a link to my email adress i registered with this account with my password that would be great...


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2 days ago, AOL sent us this.


Your issue has been resolved. Please allow two business days for delivery to improve. If you are still receiving errors after two business days, please submit a new support request at http://postmaster.aol.com/cgi-bin/plugh/other_issues_form.pl.

If you are the administrator of the IP submitted in this request and do not already have a FBL set with us, please consider getting a feedback loop for your IP at the below link: AOL Postmaster | Postmaster / Feedback Loop Information.

Thank You,
AOL Postmaster.

Just emailed you another password reminder, did you get it this time?
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