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Need Help Identifying Blotchy Leaf Problems


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I have been having an ongoing problem with the plant I am getting and I am thinking that it's starting with the clones before I even get them. When I pick up my clones they seem to have blotchy leaves or leaves without a uniform green color. This problem seems to be there when clones are picked up and continue through all growing stages. Curled up leave tips, bubbly or puffy leaves with an almost heat damaged texture to them, half leaf damage (see pic) along with no leaf damage on neighboring plants are also some of the symptoms. Along with this blotchy look I have some plant dying quickly while others seems to do fine making this problem all the more puzzling. I have looked at many pictures trying to identify this problem but none seem to me to be a solid match. I will enclose some photos and any help identifying if this is a symptom of a deficiency or and overdose would be greatly appreciated.

Strain -Sour Diesel
# Of Plant 80
Grow Type - Soil
Grow Stage - Flowering
Bucket Size - 2.5
Lights - (8) 1000 watts
Nutrients - Cutting Edge and Cal-Mag
Medium - Neutral, Rainbow #4 (I think)
RH - 65%
Room Temp - 75-80
Solution Temp - 68
Room Size - 10'x18'
Pest - None



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Possible powdery mildew. What's you're RH?. Hard to tell under HPS light.



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I notice your leaf tips are curling up slightly. I had similar issue, but the splotching looks new to me. SOrry. Keep an eye out for leaf tips curling up.
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