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Need Help In Understanding Deficiency: Yellow & Interveinal Chlorosis


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Hi Everyone,

This plant is on day 77 and been outside since June 1, 2020. No issues up to me seeing this today. It is a high CBD strain from i49, 1:20 ratio (so they say) of THC to CBD.

I up potted from 3 gal fabric pots to 10 gal fabric pots on June 1 and watered it into the soil with water ph'ed to 6.5 at the time. Using Pro-Mix, all purpose garden mix. Image attached.

Using General Hydroponics nutes for feeding. My tap water PPM is 16 and a PH of 7. I de-chlorinate overnight before using the water.

She was watered yesterday , June 20, with 2 gallons of water (1 2/3 gallons water and 1/3 gallon alfalfa tea - alfalfa meal soaked in water for 24 hours and strained) with 2 tsp epsom salts, all PH'ed to 6.3 with a bluelab pen. PPM was 738

Her previous water was on June 12 with 1 gal of water from a 4 gal mixture of GH nutes of Micro 20ml, Flora 20ml, Bloom 10mm all ph'ed to 6.3. This mixture in there recommended mix for veg. PPM was 413

Before this last watering on June 20th, all looked great.

I see the one yellow leaf and think Nitrogen, but I do not understand the interveinal chlorosis that looks like FE or magnesium deficiency on the larger fan leaves. Iron would be weird as it seems like a rare thing. Could it actually be magnesium? Note my other i49 plant of this plant is not showing any issues right now.

I hope those with long term experience can help me out here. Not in a panic, but eager to learn. :)

Images of the whole plant (looking well) and the leaves showing the issues included.


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