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Need help on growing


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Hey whats up, im new to this site so and growing so bare with me here. ive been reading up a little bit on growing indoors and have heard what my friends have told me. i have the jist of things but just wondering on some stuff. this is just going to be a fun grow not too serious but also i want it to grow too. been smoking on and off for the past 4 years and never have tried to grow. figured why the hell not so im going to try. i know how to germinate and have read when u see the roots u put it into a pot with soil. after that im not so sure. how often do i water? or do i just put light on it for a couple weeks then water. i know you need to add nutrients too it after a couple weeks but how much? do i still water it at this period too? that is where im lost. so all u expert bud growers with a little time on your hands i would appreciate if you would let me in on all this info. remember i dont want to go into all the extremes and spend a whole lot of money either. just the simple way. if u could answer these questions and give your insight that would be dope. thanks
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