Need Help on my 2nd Grow


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Hi Everyone,

Well I guess Im here to ask the stupid question thats been answered all over this forum already. I guess I just need it put into lamens terms, or something, haha. But, I am going to begin my 2nd attempt at growing. I got about a month and a half into growing the first time with some seeds I had, and had a strong female plant growing ( I only want to grow 5-10 plants maximum)

I am trying to get an idea of what its going to cost me to grow 5 plants in a closet. Dont want to do Hydro,, Just soil. What kind of Soil do I need ? Lights? Food? etc. Where can I find a good seed bank?? Last time I used some seeds I had, and germinated them in a paper towel. I used a Florsecent bulb. Money is not an option, but Im not looking to spend a million bucks. Just want a Good reliable system that will produce some A+++ Buds with the help of my attention and hopefully your knowledge. ALL help appreciated!!! :cool027:
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