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Need Help, please read!


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Hi, i'm Koesyr.

I've been struggling with this thing and i've spoken a lot with a member of 420MAGAZINE, but we haven't found a solution already.

In Picture 1 we can see these white spots. They are not like holes on the leave, so I thought it was Powdery Mildew until the member Antics came up that in fact those white spots are not "growing" so it could not be something organic like a fugnus or a lichen.

I've always had Spider Mites on my balcony but it's a strange situation because they always come up for like a month, during April-May, and then they disappeared!

Picture 2 is a blacklit shot from under the leaf of these white spots.

I have also this problem on other plants on my balcony like on Sage or Mint and so on (Picture 3)

Any suggestion is appreciated

Thank you

p.s.: I'm really sorry for the bad quality pictures, it's the best i can do

Picture 1:

Picture 2:

Picture 3:


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If I had to take a guess I'd say thrips. Look on underside of infected leaves for what looks like microscopic pieces of rice. I had thrips once, left same pattern on leaves. They were hard to find because they are tiny and there were only a few. Spider mites leave round scars on leaves, thrips are more speratic


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If it is thrips they make sticky traps that are 2 sided and fluorescent yellow, expose one side and place sticky side up, on top your container and under the plant. Remove all infected foliage and let your pots dry completely at least the top 3 inches of soil. I completely eliminated them using this method with no sprays or poison.


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I have bought today some Neem Oil, as i've seen that everybody use it in everything! I will update if anything good happens.

Thank you for your advice too, Marz!
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