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Need Help Setting up a Hydroponic Garden!


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How does hydroponic gardening work? My friends told me to try growing weed this way, but I don't even know how to set it up. I don't want to spend alot of money on a system that might not even work. Can anyone clue me in to hows it done? Step by step. Thanks

Oh yeah where can I get that foil that goes in the room? What is it?


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a first time grower should use soil the first time theres a lot of work involed in growing hydro.... your first few trys maybe failures.. hope not but they are usally failures..


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I am a first time grower using hydroponics. My two lovely girls are in their eighth week of flowering and are incredibly beautiful! I have found hydro to be a lot of fun and would recomend it to anyone. :3:

My suggestion is to first do lots of reading and then locate a hydroponic store near you. I went onto a search engine and discovered that there was one in my area and went there. The people were nice (just don't discuss what you're gonna grow) and more then willing to answer all my questions. I bought a small system to start and a combo package that had: B.C. Boost, B.C. Grow, B.C. Bloom, Thrive Alive red & green, Awesome Blossom and clone gel, that had instructions on what to mix together and put in the reservour each week, another combo package with a ph test, ph up and ph down, and a book.

Personally, I'm liken the lack of dirt. I say go for it!! :rock:


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I just finished my first grow, 4 og kush / 4 sour og kush / 2 pure kush, in soil. My second grow of 12 plants died because of that mother fucking black mold and have decided to go with hydro next timebecause it is not as messy, no bugs from dirt, also no mold spores, hopefully. So i did A LOT of research and reading about hydro, like i did for cannabis before i started growing it. The hydro shop in my area is great, they have everything you need for hydro and soil, thats where i had bought most of my growing stuff, nutrients, ph up, ph down dirt and vermeculite. Replacing soil, perlite, and vermeculite with just clay pebbles is soo much easier, but i recommend you wash the clay pebbles first, they are covered in red dust. I have given my idea of a 12 - 5 gallon bucket flood and drain system and they gave me a way better and more simpler system, DRIP. Now i have a 33 gallon resevoir with h20 pump and air stone attach to air pump. I got big nets, they fit the 5 gallon buckets perfectly like a lid. I got big net pots so the plants will have lots of support to grow and it has more area to hold moisture and nutrients. I ran soft hose around buckets put some 1/4' holes in em and put in a 1/4' T. Tubing i got from hydro shop, but guy told me to buy other components at Osh since it was lot cheaper. I put the T into the 1/4' hole and run the drip tubing near plant where i attach another T at the end. Then i take a 1" 1/2' piece of drip tubing that i poked 10 needle sized hole every 3 inches. Looks like a colon on the tube : . Then i plug em in forming a circle of drip tube at base of plant. i plan to have it turn on twice a day for 5 minutes and increase feeding if i need to. Im gonna try make a grow journal if i find time.
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