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need help sexing my first good grow (pics)


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First I am wondering how long into flowering before the male pollenate?
Here are some pics of three plants I have growing.



Here are some more pics from other angles.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.


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1. MALE!!!

2. Female

3. Can't tell, light is shining too bright. I think I see balls though, so male.


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1 & 3 - male
2 - female
Yup, yank 1&3. Give all the light to number 2. Since you'll have more space in the room, you can revert back to veg with 24 hours. Let it grow for as long a veg as possible then flower again so you get nice and huge harvest.


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1 and 3 are males so keep them away from any females 2 im nt shure so just in case keep away from the others and before the males polonate the females the balls will become brown


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I forgot to compliment you on how healthy all those plants look. Nice work!

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dude if you woulda read anything on sexing you woulda found out that those sacks are males....... one line woulda answered that for ya. pull the males, revert the female to veg (24/0), take clones and veg them, then flower the clones. keep that healthy female in veg and have a harvest every 4-8 weeks from the clones.
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