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Need help - should I use molasses and how much?

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I flushed my White Widdow way to early because I thought it was almost ready to harvest. Wrong! Now the leaves are turning quite yellow since they have not be fed for about 3 weeks. Only plain water. I think harvest will be soon, just waiting for the trichromes to turn amber. They are mostly white now. Would it be alright to give the plant molasses and would that help it? I don't have black strap molasses, just plain old gold label molasses. And if you think it would help the poor plant how much do I use to 1 gal of water?
My guess is it's yellowing because it is pulling the stored nutes out of the leaves and feeding herself since you stopped nutes already...perfectly normal as long as it stays in the fan leaves.

Pics are always a great help for those here to help identify a problem.

1 tsp per gallon for the molasses, you just don't want "sulfured molasses"

Molasses will add magnesium and aids in carbs for bud developement and overall stickiness, not sure if it will heal her if it's that bad?

I don't get caught up in the amber trics etc, sure we want them, but....If they are milky and swollen I cut em vs stressing em out trying to get another 1-2 weeks. The high will be more euphoric.
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I just gave my poor plants some of Fox's Bloom. The leaves are more yellow than the picture looks and I couldn't stand it any longer. I don't think they will be ready to harvest for another week or two and I was afraid I would kill them first. After I flush next time I will try the molasses. I hope they will look better in a few more days. Any advise will be welcome because this is my first grow and it is for medical use.
Looking at the pic there is nothing you can do at this stage and age..she looks ripe and ready for harvest if it were mine.

Beautiful looking work, congrats on your grow :goodjob: either way you will be very happy with your meds I expect. :volcano-smiley: