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Need Help SOG 2L Coir Plants keep Dying


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Hello all, I am new to the site, been reading a lot and finally got registered as I have some questions and trying to get some help.

I have a small grow going, I have a 35 site diy home depot toughtote cloner. I get roots perfect in a week to two depending on strain and ph the water to 5.6 after adding some b1 thrive alive red and clones are all dipped in olivias cloning gel after soaking in ph balanced nutrient free water for a few minutes.
I am using my Diamond Series advanced led 100w (I know this light isnt necessary and a bit overkill but I have it laying around not in use.) Now after they root I have been transplanting them to coir 2L bottles cut above the label with holes poked in the bottom. The Coir I am using is Hydrofarm brand organic comes in a 2.5cf bale. I PH'd the runoff after moistening the coir originally and it was good didn't change at all. Now after putting these clones into the 2 liter bottles. At the time they had at least 5" of thick white roots.
Gave them all a light watering with no nutrients, moved them under my t5 8 bulb Quantum bad boy with all grow bulbs on 18/6 same as my cloner, and a few days later gave them their first dose of blue planet nutrients organic and have the full line at quarter strength of the lowest dosage. A few I didn't feed nutrients did the same though. The Strain I'm using is Female Seeds Jack Herrer (roots super fast), a few Female Seeds Black Sugar and Lemon Kush. My Mothers are in soil.

Now here's a few things I'm thinking. Am I possibly letting them go to long in the cloner therefore they are starting to suck up their reserve nutrients in the leaves by vertical growth in the cloner as they started to turn a bit lighter in the cloning tank as I wanted to wait to move them all at once. Now this is the second batch i've lost and am starting to get frustrated. I've just recently switched from 3 gal soil and nutes as I couldnt find a good enough soil in the area for cost wise and the bacto soil ( was labeled for tomatoes pro growers mix) nutes were burning my plants when using with other nutrients towards the end I lost a lot of leaves, and those clones were from a bag seed mother, so itching to get some of my good genetics through. Eventually once problem is diagnosed these will go after a week straight to 12/12 under 2 hydrofarm air vented hoods w/ 2 600w dimmable lumatek digital balast running hortilux bulb on the super lumens setting. I tried not vegging them at all and going straight from cloner to 12/12 on a lower ballast setting and that was my first set that died before this one that is currently turning yellow.Any help is appreciated. Now for some reason, when I was emptying the pots the last dead ones were in I saw a lot of some weird almost microscopic larvae white looking bugs in the bottom of the coir .Thanks


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re: Need Help SOG 2L Coir Plants keep Dying

Hello there, I believe I may be able to help you a bit with this issue. First and foremost, you must check the ph of your water before and after nutrients. If your nutes raise the ph too much, you need some ph down. Made that mistake myself. You could also need to aerate your coir a bit better. I use at LEAST a 50-50 coco perlite mix. Sounds like your using a diy aero cloner and going from massive airflow to compact coir with barely any air is probably shocking the roots literally to death. Hope this helps, and good luck.
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