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Need help to breed autoflowers


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Hello guys,

I'd love some help to breed autoflowers. I have regular autoflowers (Himalayan blue diesel). Will I get regular, stable autoflowers if I manually pollinate the female using the male? Or, will they be unstable? Should I just look at colloidal silver to get feminised seeds and forget about regular ones? I tried colloidal silver, but I wasn't all that successful. Also, what will happen if I pollinate a male Himalayan diesel with a female, for example, Purple Mazar?

Any help will be appreciated.



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Hi LoveGreen,

I would refer you to HemiSync. He used colloidal silver to produce many beautiful autofem seeds.

My suggestion would be to go with auto fem. I produce hermies on some of my grows as well. I love the free flow of no cost auto fem seeds. If you cross using pollen, as you suggested, your seeds should be stable.
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