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Need help to find a doctor


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hey guys , i was in a car accident and pulled two of my nerves in my arm and now it causes me a lot of discomfort and pain when i try to sleep , a lot of the times i don't sleep because it is very hard to sleep due to the pain, i wake up several times during the night because of the pain and sometimes it even goes numb... i went to my doctor and asked if he could sign me up for my MM card and he said no, so im wondering if you guys know of any doctors in Ontario? i live in Toronto and am willing to drive up to 300km's to get my card/papers signed , please guys would really appreciate it if you guys could help thanks!


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I'm sort of in the same boat, only I've got Degenerate Disc, (lower back & two discs in my neck, one is torn) Prostate cancer, (Removed), Lymphoma. I can't sleep at night either, between back / neck & discomfort of Lymphoma, it keeps me awake all night. I can only sleep 2 to 4 hours if I'm lucky, I'm in so much discomfort all the time, it's affecting my demeanor, I'm normally an O.K. person but I've been putting up wit this for about four years without medication because the apo & teva naproxins (Anti-inflammation) eat the lining in my stomach, send my blood pressure through the roof, & keep me awake at night, & I found out that in recent studies naproxins have also been proven to be linked to lymphoma. When I asked my Dr. about medicinal marijuana, last week, she try to talk me out of it & I found that very odd,.. I fit the criteria with M.R.I.'s to back it up, plus I have been diagnosed with lymphoma, & I'm going in for radiation treatments & I'm in constant discomfort & all they want to give me is more pills that make me sick. I need serious help as well as Groovey does. I understand what he's going through! We Both need a Doctor that will help. if any body knows of a doctor in Toronto that can help Please help us find him,...we would deeply appreciated it. Thank you.
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