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Need Help two weeks old

Skunk No1

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Hi all

Libery Haze feminised
Canna Coco Advance
No nutes at this stage
Temp: 22-24 Degrees C
the light is a 100W terra lizzard lamp until i have finished my flowering of my other liberty Haze, or until i get my 125W CFL.

I have been giving my plants ph'd water only, but my ph tester is broken so i've had to estimate, may this be something to do with the reason i have yellow leaves with spots of brown on them?
Im positive the ph level is to high not to low.

My new ph tester is due to turn up tomorrow.


Lester Freeman

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Nope that doesnt make sense. Since the plant is young, and is vegetating, is prefers a higher pH ( more alkaline ) meaning, it will have a more efficient uptake of nitrogen into its system. Slight yellowing indicates nitrogen def.

Weird things can tend to happen with newborns, they typically grow out of it. Give it very diluted amounts of nutes, ( with nitrogen dominating the NPK ratio)
I don't know about indoors and indoor lights, but maybe its too close causing the brown burn spots?

To me it looks like a simple nitrogen deficiency, which wouldn't make sense if the pH were high. IF your positive the pH is high, then maybe there is just no nitrogen in the medium.

Things to consider, monitor the situation as time goes on. I hope I could help somehow.

Best of Luck.
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