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Need help with a strain to treat meningiomas


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My wife was diagnosed with an inoperable meningioma, benign brain tumor, 2 years ago. We went through the whole lot of tests followed by radiation, with little to no success. Tumor is "stable", hasn't shrunk, nor grown.
The tumor is rather large and has invaded the base of the skull and pressing against the lacrimal gland.

Numerous side effects have occurred, including; chronic shoulder/neck pain, severe headaches, impaired vision/hearing, light sensitivity, blurred vision, and insomnia.

She is now taking percocet for pain, but has become tolerant to it. We are not interested in more narcotics.

My main objective is to treat the root cause (meningioma) with specific strains, but I am also very interested in any strains she could benefit from, to help ease the effects of the tumor.

ANY and ALL advice is welcomed and greatly appreciated.
peace and health to all.


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Hello there, I realize this is an old post and I see no replies to your question. I also have a couple meningiomas and have been on watch and wait status for nearly a decade. I hope you found some good information and that you and yours are well.
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