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Need help with choosing the right soil mix


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Hi there everyone!!

I'm new to growing and have been facing a lot of difficulties in choosing the right soil. I don't live in a country where I could get quality soil like Fox Farm's, Happy Frog and the like. In fact, I live in a country where they do have the strictest laws against cannabis itself. But, there are some shops around that do sell soil, but I'm uncertain about the right mix since some of them also contain time release fertilizers too. The closest I could come across was these 2 ready mixes but I don't know the right proportions of the mix:
1. Red Soil
2. White Soil
3. Peat Moss
4. Vermiculite
5. Cow Manure
6. Fermented leaves
7. Charcoal
8. Shell parts (not really sure what kind of shell but something from the ocean)

1. Bark Compost
2. Cow Manure
3. Red Soil

If the above 2 mixes don't sound right for growing, I could also purchase the following items separately and make my own mix. Please advise in what proportions I need to mix these substances to make my plant happy..
1. Red Soil (small chunks)
2. Red Soil (medium chunks)
3. Fermented leaves
4. Peat moss
5. Black Soil
6. White Soil
7. Red Soil (big chunks)
8. Cow Manure
9. Compost
10. Perlite
11. Sand

Thanks for reading....any help would be greatly appreciated...!!


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On my first grow outdoors im using ProMix BX Soil and for Nutes im using Fox Farm the Trio.... you also can use ProMix HP they say that gives more drainage... im growing Big Bang Auto heres 2 pictures after i topped them once and its there 2nd week in the 5 gallon bucket... Seems to me she is doing good...It looks like buds are already growing ant the smell is crazy...


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ive mentioned that i dont live in a place where i could get access to any fox farm's products..i doubt i could even come across ProMix HP.


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I hear you. A great cover is actually being heavily into gardening all kinds of stuff. If you have plants all over, and compost heaps and flowers and veggies, etc etc. no neighbor or law enforcement is going to suspect there is some hidden cannabis growing in your house. Maybe your place already looks like this? If not consider growing all sorts of stuff.

Also re: ordering off the Internet,
The stuff you can order to amend and fortify your soil won't let them peg u for a weed grower. You don't have to order bottles of "super hydro fat nug juice" (doesn't exist, lol) just rock powders and meals mostly
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