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Need help with diagnosing my plants problem


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I'll be honest I am a complete novice at growing. This is my first grow and I need some help diagnosing it's problems. I have done loads of research to try and figure out what was wrong myself but I could do with some help from people with experience. My predictions are that the leaves are funny shapes (bending sideways and curling in all different directions) is to do with too much stress from the fan because it was directly on it. Also the leaves are curling upwards (praying) so im guessing this could be heat stress? But either way I moved my light further away and put the fan facing between the light and plant. As you can see in the pictures some of the plants have brown tips so this would be just a byte burn wouldn't it? The colours of the leaves have puzzled me a bit because some of them are going a lighter green except the roots and I thought this could be an mg deficiency so I gave it some epsom salts but it hasn't really done anything. Also one some of the leaves have patches of a lighter green colour but I have no idea what that could be :/ finally there are a few leaves with brown/yellow spots on them. Would this just be burns from where drops of water have stayed on the leaf? Oh and one of the leaves has a whole in it :s another this was the new leaves that are being developed (not the ones at the top) look really small and a funny shape, is this normal? I think that's everything covered. The strain is OG Kush. The plant is 4 and a half weeks old and grown from seed. The ph of the soil is 7. The temperature is 65-70 at night and 70-80 in the day.

Also before I forget I do spray my plant quite often, about 3/4 times a day. I think this may be too much and be a cause of some of the problems so how often should I spray her?




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Plants look fine Unwins just back off on the nutes a tad
Agreed. maybe a slight Ca def... otherwise 9 fingered fan is a very happy plant. Spraying/misting is a no-no to a well rooted cannabis plant. I would at least back off and only mist if you are giving a foliar feed, or treating for bugs, or fungus.
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