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Need help with DWC,how many plants


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Hello,im setting up DWC,my original scrog screen is 6x4,but I was thinking to make it smaller maybe to 5x4,I have 600 and 400w hps,now is scrog in soil,so how many plants need in dwc for this setup? I have pump with 4 way splitter but im looking for 6 way,I plan 6 buckets,I want to veg for 1 month,or 4 is enough or should I go 6? My air pump 2200l/h so will be enough.


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A good rule of thumb is to reserve 2 square feet per plant, especially when vegged for longer durations. It also depends if you plan on supercropping, lsting you will require a larger footprint. I would do 5 plants under your 5x4 scrog and it will fill up very nicely, one in every corner and one in the middle.
Also, with your air pump, use the 4 way splitter and add a T intersection on one of them to get your 5 channels.


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How big are your buckets?
Uses kraw420 idea for your airpump but if you have small buckets you could get more plants in there.
If you do a longer veg then best to have less plants but if you want to do a shorter veg in would run s couple more plants if you have the room...so yeah...bucket sizes?
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