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I am growing strain "Caboose" under led light with advanced nutrients in 11l pots with coco 65% - perlitte 35% and I have decided to go after a scrog technique. It is my first time growing scrog.

At first it was hard, because this plant is really small and it has really short internodes so it was hard tying it on my screen without hurting new shots forming around nodes. And each time after pruning, I thought that there is still going to be too many space left between my new forming colas, so I was keep vegging it (for 2 months at the end).

I would like to show you what came out and I'm looking forward for some opinions, because my opinion is that all those shots are just too close together now and there is soo many of them. What do you think?

At the moment they are 8 days into flowering (12/12).

Thanks for your help :)


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You might have to defoliate or tuck leaves , but looks good to me, it will be a blanket of bud. Just keep tying them down as they grow.


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Before I switched to flowering, I was defoliating regularly. Can I still defoliate in flowering stage without stressing the plant too much?
Some says that is not recommended to pluck off those huge fan leaves spec. in flowering (which I did in veg. with great results), what do you think?

So you suggest to pluck all those leaves which are covering something beneath?

And of course I'll keep them tying untill they stop stretching out (I hope in a week)


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I defoliate around day 21-24 of flower after stretch, then again at day 45-47 if a 8 week strain. You can still tuck leaves if that's what you want to do, you get those leaves out of the way and grow some dense nugs.


Sativas generally DO NOT LIKE defoliation - rarely if ever will you have success with this technique on sativas.

NOT ALL PLANTS can handle being defoliated. Start slow, it will be obvious if they don't like it.

If your plants are not in tip-top health, DO NOT defoliate - it will only make them weaker.

DO NOT defoliate within 2 weeks before you intend to begin flowering - this will make them weaker during the initial flower since they need to recover from losing leaves.

DO NOT pick fan leaves that are directly connected to a newly budding site, it slows that new bud site down significantly.

I WOULD NOT defoliate an Auto Flower, some people do it, but I wouldn't since they are on a time schedule and the defoliation takes the plant a few days to recover.


Use defoliation technique to make plants bushier and more dense.

Defoliate on Indicas and Indica-dominant hybrids, even some 50/50 and 40/60 (indica/sativa) hybrids do well.

Pick off fan leaves that are established with a stem connecting them to the main shoot of at least 1" long.

Be aware that defoliating will slow a plant's growth down, at least for about 2-3 days afterward

Defoliate fan leaves in flower post stretch - day 21-24 (MILD---fan leaves covering bud sites) and later in flower at day 45-47 (HEAVIER--- upper 1/3 of plants fan leaves, anything below that can be left alone)


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I defoliate during veg and flower... Watch and see what they do, they will let know if they like it or not... Start slow and get more aggressive as you feel more comfortable... I have Chronic strain (my first grow) and they have responded well to defoliating during both veg and flower... I stripped the bottom and cleared all useless leaves and started flushing 2 weeks prior of harvest... They really swelled after that... Harvest in a couple days... Looking like a 4-5 oz. per plant average (9 girls!)... You do the math! Good luck Brother!


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