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Need help with seedling! Beginner

Hi so It’s been about 9 days since my seedling has sprouted from the soil. I’m growing in a 2x2x4 grow tent. I’ve been watering every other day since it sprouted with normal filtered water. I keep the humidity generally around 50-60. I have a pc fan working as my exhaust fan at the top of my grow tent. And I have a fan blowing in from one of the bottom holes working as an intake. My temps are about 29-30 c. I have a led light I got on Amazon that draws ab 200w and I keep it on veg light about 24-28 inches away from my seedling.

My problem is that my cotyledons are turning yellow now and I’m not sure why. Here are some pics. Please help this is my first grow and I’m a beginner. Thanks ! 0B6B62D3-AB2F-41FA-897E-BDF4D117311A.jpeg


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How much water? What type of soil? Is there drain holes in the cup? The new growth looks healthy. Why did you plant it so deep in the cup?
Good question thanks. It sucks because at first I was lacking supplies so I used a really shitty soil that wasn’t organic and I put it far away from light so it stretched a lot. I put more soil up it so it would keep it from falling over. I water the plant until the water runs out of the bottom of the holes I cut in my solo cup.


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.... My problem is that my cotyledons are turning yellow now and I’m not sure why.
The cotyledons are the nutrient storage for the seedling. When the seed germinates the root will draw on the nutrients in the cotyledons while it grows enough to start drawing in nutrients from the soil (or nutrients from the water in a hydro grow). The stem starts growing a day or two later and pushes the cotyledons up through the surface. Some photosynthesis starts up to help but the stem and the first true leaves are also drawing what they need until strong enough to support the growth of the plant. Eventually the cotyledons run out of stored nutrients and are no longer needed.

I look at it as if the cotyledons are the yolk in a bird's egg. While the chick is devoloping and growing organs, feet, head and everything else it needs it draws from the yolk. When the yolk is gone the chick is ready to break out of its shell if all went well.


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Ok good to know thanks
When she gets bigger and you up pot her turn on the bloom phase of your light.
She can use the extra spectrum even though she is in veg. Happy growing brother. :thumb:


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Up pot right now. Sounds terrifying right? It is, your small container filled to the top, would have given you a great start. I bet a dollar the roots are twisted up and the cotys are done doing what they are needed for, which was described above, and are closing off. You have good people with great information here, glad to have you along. GG
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