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Need help with seedlings, after germing


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I'm relatively new to growing, my first grow was an autoflowering critical jack (amazing experience for me =) ). But, I get the feeling, auto-flowering canna is too easy, the plant almost took care of itself, never having tasted Cannaibs before, I couldn't comment about the potency, but for my first time, it was amazing!

Now I'm growing a Skunk #1 and a Citral, I've hit a bit of a wall now =X (I may have found the cause, but will discuss it at the end of the post).

I successfully germed both seeds, was really happy when I saw the tendrils in the morning, made my day better tbh =P. I planted them in Jiffys, I know a lot of people are against them, but I had a very good experience with the auto, I decided to go that route again. Thing is, it's been 5 days and they haven't sprouted =/.

Upon doing a bit of research, I realized I had planted them tendril down, not tendril up, as it's supposed to be, that might be the cause, I guess, I had forgotten about that, this time I'm keeping a better journal, not just taking pics, but I guess since the auto grew so easily, I didn't find the need to record much. I already dug them up carefully and replanted them as they should. The tendrils hadn't grown even a millimeter, which is odd, I thought, even if they were planted wrong, shouldn't they have grown anyway?

They're kept between 23º-25º Celsius, indirect sunlight, moisture is pretty high, I say this because it's generally very humid in this town, but I don't have a humidity sensor to be exact.

Am I being too impatient? Or planting them wrong was a big mistake? Hope someone has some advice, otherwise, I'll just wait, see and keep everyone posted.


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Some strains just take longer to grab hold and pop their little heads. I germinated 3 seeds myself 2 weeks ago and got my tap roots. 1 had a very long tap root and only took a few days to pop soil once planted then the 2nd 1 had a average tap root and just popped 2 days ago and the 3rd 1 had a very small tap root and still has not popped soil so it can take what seems like forever sometimes. I would give her at least a few more days and I don't think planting her upside down is going to make much of a difference either. Actually it helps them to get the shell off when they have to turn around but I wouldn't dig her up and replant her again. I doubt she liked that very much. Good Luck....:circle-of-love:


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Saw this question come through the twitter feed.

Jiffy cups are a bad choice for pot. They cause ph issues and have reduced air flow, which means the soil doesn't dry out properly, makes it hard for you to keep to the wet/dry cycle. Without a proper wet/dry cycle the roots won't grow as quickly as they don't have the need to reach out and search for moisture. The most important growth isn't the foliage right now, it's the roots.

Autos do not grow the same as photoperiod plants. Those jiffy's work fine with autos due to the fast growth rate, but photoperiod strains do not like them. For sure don't just put the jiffy in the bucket when you pot up, they really mess with the ph bad as they degrade.

I would repot them in solo cups with lots of drainage holes poked in, or small regular seed starting pots, or just start a couple of new seeds. Most likely you ruined the taproot by planting it the wrong side down.

Good luck.


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I've never had a problem with jiffy. Normally it's not a problem because you don't water jiffy pellet directly once it's planted. Water the area around it. I do hempy grows. no problems, no deficiencies.

And even if you plant taproot upside down, it will naturally flip itself right side up.


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Everything I learned about growing was from here, and I read for a couple years. Just about to finish my first grow and I'm happy with the results. Just glad I can give back to the community!

Glad to see you still got that thirst for knowledge, I still have so much to learn


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Thanks a lot for the answers guys =)

I've given up hope on the two seeds. I'll just leave them be, make sure they get enough water and warmth and hope for the best. I've ordered two other seeds and I'm going to be more careful this time.

I just hope I get better results ^^.


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I like to germ in a glass of water for two days max then put in a wet paper towel till the tail is half an inch, then put in 250ml bio degradable cups, I like to cut the bottom off a pop bottle and place the top over the seed like a little incubator, and when they are ready to go in bigger pots I gradually lift the pop bottle up to harden them off.... Rip the bio degradable pot down the sides and underneath and transplant into the new pots, the plant grows thru the old pot....easy :)


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Yep I can germinate like a mofo but after that its like WTF? Nothing. Nothing at all. Then I dig up the seeds and they just be dead. Maybe too hard on them moving them from the germination to the soil...IDK but am changing and experimenting all the time to try and improve my methods.


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Just a quick update. I declared both the citral and skunk #1 DEAD. I couldn't even find the citral seed in the Jiffy, which was odd, The skunk #1 closed itself off! o_O Has there ever been instances where the seed re-closed after germinating? that was very weird...

In any case, I decided to try the root riots, did an 8-9h soaking in water of a Shaman and a Strawberry cough seeds, then planted directly into the root riots, hope it all goes well this time ^^.
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